12º Wonca World Rural Health Conference


Travel Tips

Brazil, Gramado, RS

Time: Brazil spans three time zones: Belém, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Curitiba, Brasilia and Florianópolis: UTC -3 (UTC -2 October to February); Manaus, Cuiabá, Campo Grande, Rio Branco: UTC -4. The third time zone (UTC -2) is only used in the Brazilian oceanic islands. 

Language: Portuguese. 

Currency: The Brazilian currency is the Real. The symbol for the Real is R$. 

Customs: Travelers to Brazil can enter the country with goods up to the value of U$500 without incurring customs duty. These include 400 cigarettes or 25 cigars and up to 24 units of alcoholic beverages - units classified as either 75cl or 1 litre bottles. Forbidden items include fresh produce and plant and animal products. Strict regulations apply to the temporary import or export of firearms, antiquities, tropical plants, medication and business equipment. Local and foreign currency greater than BRL 10,000 will need to be declared when entering or leaving the country. Clothes and other articles for personal use of passenger and books and periodicals are duty free. 
Electricity: The voltage in Gramado is 200v. Most major hotels have 110V and 220V outlets. To avoid ruining your appliances, it is advisable to consult the hotel before plugging anything in. The wall outlets normally have two round pins, although the outlets in many new facilities will accept both regular U.S. and Brazilian types of plugs. However, universal adapters are a good acquisition and would avoid mechanical incompatibility between foreigner plugs types and local sockets. Some outlets may require a ground pin. U.S.-Brazilian conversion plugs, suitable for dual-voltage appliances, can be purchased at the airport and in electrical stores in Brazil.


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